新mg官网电子游戏英语听力与阅读计算机适应测试(L&Rcat)提出了通信的解释模式, 测试考生听和读英语的能力. 听力部分衡量的是考生自发理解口语的能力, without the ability to re-listen or ask for clarification; the reading section measures how well the test taker can spontaneously read a language when presented with written texts without access to dictionaries or grammar references. 考生的听力和阅读能力在L&Rcat是根据新mg官网电子游戏英语水平指南2012 -听力和阅读进行评分的.

作为计算机自适应测试的L&Rcat adapts to the test taker’s listening and reading abilities; the computer algorithm successively selects questions based on the test taker’s performance on previous questions for the purpose of maximizing the precision of the exam. 这使得测试在时间和精力上都更加高效. 该测试由远程监考人员在线执行.